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Last night I found myself playing around with Soundation – the online Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) currently being developed by Power FX, and then – following a bit of research online – with Audiotool, an online music production tool that feels like the cloud based cousin of Propellerheads Reason.

And then, Tracks and Fields another online DAW that offers a great deal of potential around collaborative recording. And then Myna – which offers yet another take on online recording and finally this morning discovered Mantis and Bojam.

You can probably gather from my activity in the past 24 hours that I find the concept of online music sequencers a very exiting one. As  a producer who has been using DAW’s  for over 15 years (starting with a very early version of Cubase) I can see what potential these tools have for us musicians and how we may interact in the future.

Essentially almost everything we have grown used to with our studio and home based sequencers and workstations could be transferred to these new online recording services but with the addition of being accessible from any PC, Mac or mobile device connected to the web. In addition to this consider the opportunities for collaboration with other artists and producers, the possibility of easier integration straight from the DAW with social media and best of all the near endless possibilities for further development as web based applications and platforms evolve – exciting times indeed for producers and musicians alike.

However in my travels around web to understand these new tools I did find a real lack of central resource for online DAW’s and cloud based audio applications in general. So I’ve decided to start one…

From here I will be tracing the development of these new tools as they evolve, reporting on new online music services, interviewing those at the forefront of developing these new apps and generally being your guide to the brave new world of online music production.

Welcome to Audio Silver Lining!


  1. This is a great idea for a site. Looking forward to your future posts. Best of luck!

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