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Had a bit of a trawl of the internet following the news of Yamaha’s Cloud based VST development and found the 7 min demonstation video below. It seems to originate from a couple of months ago…

The video features a “plug in dock” inserted into Cubase (much like a standard effect would be) which displays the VST’s front end and communicates with the effect hosted in the cloud.

The latency here is a two second delay, which is of course far too high be used in any studio though I imagine Yamaha are working hard on improving this before they offer it as a serious commercial reality.

I’ve used a similar system called FX Teleport that allows you to run VST’s from a seperate PC or server via a VST wrapper not unlike Yamaha’s “plug in dock”. It was a fairly good experience with FX that were not time related (flangers, phasers, distortion) but delays and reverbs fared less well due to latency.

I’m very keen to see how Yamaha can overcome similar issues when dealing with a somewhat larger hurdle like cloud connection – if they can then they will have produced a landmark feature in VST technology and one that would likely be a success.

Let me know your thoughts on this kind of technology as I’m interested in what other producers make of it…

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