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What can be more fun on a bored afternoon that playing around with some clever online versions of  synthesizers?

I’ve had a quick scan and found this wonderful collection of the classic, useful and just plain strange….

Angry Octopus

Great collection of analogue and digital synths here, the FM one is especially well made  and I’d recommend these to anyone trying to get to grips with the basics of synthesis. Would be great to see web based apps like these embedded into online DAW’s in the future.

Nick’s World of Synthesizers

A rather odd but lovely sounding device called the “Harmonicon” and  fun analogue chaos machine called “The Beast” (and it is!) can be found on this site courtesy of a clever synth maker from Sheffield- cheers Nick!


Essentially a standalone version of the one used in Audiotool – simple to use, lush sounding and strangely addictive.

Mini-Trelm Green Key 800

Fans of the superb BBC comedy “Look around you!” will recognise this one immediately – an online version of one of the keyboards tragically stolen from the mighty Synthesizer Patel – it’ll keep you amused for all of thirty seconds at least.

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