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This one is an interesting concept – a means of trying out Virtual Instruments via a hosted service. While not exactly cloud based music production it does present a useful option for those of us who use these (often expensive) tools and want to put them through their paces, as well as an example of how smoothly VSTi’s can run over the internet.

Try Sound lets you create brower based “sessions” with your chosen Virtual Instruments and allows a fairly generous 25 minutes evaluation time. You can also use MIDI with the session and also choose which audio device you want to use. The sessions appear to use TightVNC  a free remote control software package.

I tried out a few instruments, which appear to run mainly on Native Instruments widely used Kontakt sampler and was suprised by the almost non-existent latency both when playing and adjusting parameters. Currently only VSTi’s from Best Service (who developed Try Sound) and Sounds on Demand are available but I’d imagine other vendors will also want to take advantage of this service in the near future.

You can try out the service for yourself at – its completely free to use.


  1. Very cool! Just shared with all my people. Sad it’s not Mac OS, but I’m hoping they remedy that soon because this is too cool to pass up. Thanks for the share.

    • No problems – I think more VST developers should get on this kind of technology, it rules!


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