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Good news – the splendid online sequencer Audiotool is getting updated on Thursday 15th July.

Here’s whats coming…

New Features

  • Download your tracks as MP3/Vorbis(HQ)
  • Embed Player
  • Create Drafts (even when remixing other peoples tracks)
  • Create Templates (to get started with your favorite setup)
  • Create a cover for your track (upload image or webcam snapshot)


  • Cleaner website design
  • Lots of performance enhancements
  • Documentation

The ability to now share your tracks beyond the Audiotool site via embedded players and MP3/Vorbis is going to make a good many people in the Audiotool community very happy as they have been clamouring for it for some time now.


  1. As a side-note, we are not Hobnox anymore, just Audiotool. I case you want to be picky. Thanks for sharing the news!

    • Sorry Andre – didn’t realise! Will update and keep that in mind for the future. Really looking forward to the update..


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