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I’ve already given some coverage to web based sequencers recently by looking at Audiotool and The M.O.R.T – but what else is out there?

Here is a round up of some of some of the more interesting ones I’ve found….



Whilst its interface is not the most aesthetically pleasing thing I’ve ever seen Pluto does offer a great deal of flexibility  – in fact it reminds me of a very early version of Cubase I used to use.

The main instrument is a Granular synth with a full set of editable parameters – 2 x Oscillators,  2 x LFO and 2 x Envelopes. Also on offer in a drum machine that allows you to import your own hits in WAV format (other developers – take note of this!) and a “guitar” instrument that makes use of Karplus-String string synthesis. In addition to this each track can make use of a range of six FX such as echo, delay and overdrive.

All songs created can be saved as MIDI files or WAV’s and addition to this the sequencer comes pre-loaded with some demo tracks for your amusement – including a frankly superb version of  “The Final Countdown” by spandex clad rockers Europe.

What’s not to love about all of that? You can find it here



Anyone that’s ever played around with Fruity Loops will find the front end of this one more than vaguely familiar – well… it pretty much IS a very stripped down version of FL to be honest!

Its a lot of fun using that familiar and friendly editor in a browser although sadly this is currently limited to just drums and 303 instrument wise. Would be great to see the actual FL itself online in the future and this proves that in theory that could work very well. Someone please tell Image Line they need to check it out here!


When not working on the next installment of Grand Theft Auto it seems Rockstar games like to dabble with creating online sequencers and Beaterator – which has since gone on to be released in a more developed form on the Playstation and PSP, is the result of this.

This nicely presented sequencer allows you to create loops using the range of instruments and drum hits on offer, save them and then mix them within the main sequencer section. Beaterator also provides a range of FX and a handy on screen keyboard which displays the note on the piano roll you are currently selecting.

You can find the Beaterator here

 Zefrank Sequencer


A bit of an odd one this – essentially a set of existing sounds that you can can trigger by placing a triangle along a timeline. Although its not the most complex of tools it does allow you to create some interesting results since some of the sounds on offer are quite strange. Assuming you’d want to you can also save your creation and revisit it later. This one can be found here

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