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When someone gets described as “the music industries Mark Zukerberg” its difficult to not have your interest just a little bit piqued. Well that’s whats been said about Aidan Nulman, the man behind new online collaboration tool YouPhonics following a presentation recently – I guess time will have to tell.

Putting comparisons to internet entrepreneurs aside for a moment – YouPhonics offers a new take on online collaboration by allowing you to attach tracks or “stems” together using a visual interface. Once a track is imported or recorded within the tool itself you can share it with other users or via social networks.

Although still quite light on features the current alpha version is certainly worth a look – especially since Aidan and the team seem very receptive to suggestions for their new product – he has even provided Audio Silver Lining readers with their own code to allow them to try it out.

So why not head over to and register using the invite code “YOURSILVERLINING” right away?

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