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I have to hand it to those people over at Audiotool – they certainly know how to keep you excited about their product.  Following their update two weeks ago they are planning to add some superb sounding new features very soon.

Here’s whats on its way…

New Features

  • Drag samples directly from the library to the desktop
  • New plugin Crossfader
  • New plugin Rasselbock


You will be able to drag samples directly from the library to the desktop. An audio plugin will be created when you drag a sample to the desktop and the sample itself will be automatically loaded to the timeline. Will make working with samples faster and easier.


The Crossfader is a mixer with two channels like a simple DJ mixer and includes low/mid/hi gain and frequency controls for each channel, kill switches and of course a crossfader!


Rasselbock tapes any incoming audio and is able to add some amazing weirdness to it. Reroute your audio through 5 different outputs in realtime and crunch your stuff at the same time with 7 built-in effects. Rasselbock is an electronic engineers dream!

All of the above is planned to be added to this rather brilliant online sequencer next Friday – in the meantime you can check the current version out here


  1. Well appreciated!

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