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Well, the second month has been a busy one – things are certainly picking up when it comes to the world of cloud based music production.

Here’s a round up of the features and articles this month at Audio Silver Lining, your guide to making music in the cloud….

Making Music – Recording & Editing with Indaba’s “Mantis” online DAW

Ohm Studio – what we know so far (and what we’d love to see)

Online Sequencer round up

Introducing – Audio Orchard –

Introducing – YouPhonics –

Introducing – MIXLR –

Top tracks from the dropbox – July

The M.O.R.T Online step sequencer

I was also fortunate enough to have an article – “How the cloud will change music production forever” published on leading social media tech site “The Next Web – you can find that it here

For a round up of this months news please visit here

Next month is shaping up to be a good one and will include interviews with the people behind Soundcloud and new online DAW Audio Orchard. Also a review of PowerFX’s superb online DAW Soundation and a feature covering the new community and collaboration features soon coming to Indaba.

Stay tuned people!


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