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You’ll be pleased to know that the Audiotool update announced last week is now live. I had a quick play around with the new features and devices included and here are my impressions…


Up until now using samples within Audiotool involved a head scratching process that required creating a device and then dragging a sample into it. Thankfully this has now been replaced with a more intuitive means of adding samples – you just simply drag them to the desktop and said device is now created for you. Very handy.


Essentially a DJ setup crossfader featuring a three stage EQ with some handy kill-switches. Could be very useful for transitions within a track.


Now this IS impressive – the Rasselbock tapes any incoming audio and feeds it through five different outputs each of which can have an FX pedal assigned to it. It also allows you to add up to seven FX –  Shuffle, Speed, Stop, Gate, Stutter, Scratch and Reverse using a pattern programmer. The overall effect is a wonderful sound-mashing experience similar to what you might get with a VST like Glitch or Effectrix

For an audio example using Audiotools Tonematrix –


As you may have guessed this feature autoconnects new devices. If you suspect it might connect in the wrong way then you can hold the shift-key when releasing a device to disable the feature. I personally found it saved a lot of time.

If that’s piqued your interest then go check out Audiotool here

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