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Sometimes I come across technologies here at ASL that cannot fail to impress and Myna Music from Philadelphia based Orpheus Media Research is most certainly one of these.

Essentially Myna is a cloud based solution that allows you to search for new music by using music itself rather than metadata and keywords, both of which – due to that fact that sometimes its difficult to put musical experience and character into simple words -can be massively restrictive.

Dr. Greg Wilder, founder and Chief Science Officer of OMR, developed the international patent-pending technology. “The advancements we’ve achieved with Myna are the result of years of music theory and cognition research,” said Dr. Wilder. “Before Myna, music match and discovery solutions relied on words manually generated by people in an attempt to describe a piece of music’s character. Music expresses emotions that can’t adequately be described with words, and now, for the first time, Myna allows the music to speak for itself.”

I can see this technology being a massive hit with a whole range of organisations, not to mention audiences in general since it will allow you to easily shape playlists by mood rather than standard tags such as genre.

With regards to  producers, especially those who work with loop based or sample based music I think that that Myna could bring some serious benefits when it comes to identifying the “right” part for your track.

Early days of course but as ever, the future is bright…more information can be found here

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  1. Yes, music can trigger some compicated emotions.

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