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You know cloud based music production is getting serious when the likes of Richie Hawtin get behind it. The renowned DJ and music tech innovator unveiled Burn Studios new web based music production platform at ADE this year alongside Andre Michelle, who developed the superb flash based Audiotool web app that its based on.

Aside from bringing further development such as MIDI support and sample uploads to the Audiotool, Burn Studios  have already proven themselves to be on the pulse of electronic music through their work with existing artists such as Cassius and Uffie – the latter of which they are currently running a remix competition with. 

I think its likely their sound knowledge of electronic music scenes, coupled with a versatile and engaging platform like Audiotool means Burn Studios will see great success, especially since they have put a desire to introduce newcomers to music production at the heart of their plans.

The platform is due to be beta tested later this year with a planned release to the public early 2011 and as you’d expect I’ll be covering it as it evolves. You can read more about the platform on the Burn Studios site here

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