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Since I’ve had a fair few developers get in touch recently regarding their online audio projects I’ve decided its time to start showcasing the fine work these people are doing in the name of progress, innovation and well…just plain fun really.

Jordans audio waveform generator / player

First up is Jordan Kolasinski, an LA based Flash developer and music producer who has produced some superb web based audio projects which range from the clever to the just plain silly.

On Jordan’s blog you will find some examples of  innovation with Flash and online audio including audio waveform generator/player which allows you to upload an audio file and generate a playable waveform.

Also on show is a “Freestyler Pad” which allows you to add real vocals over beats in real time and an audio recorder which allows export to Mp3.

Yes, you too can remix the words of Sarah Palin...

Best of all though and although a couple of years old still very relevant today is the superb “PALINdrome” which allows you to take word and phrase samples from Sarah Palin’s speeches and re-arranged these into (inevitably hilarious) rants of your own.  Jordan’s promising to bring back an improved version in the event she runs in 2012 too!


If you are a developer of online audio solutions or music services and want me to showcase your work then please get in touch as I’m always on the lookout for this kind of stuff.

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