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Hey there,

First of all I’d like to say a big thanks to all the developers, music tech companies, producers and general supporters that have contacted me with your support for Audio Silver Lining in the past six months – you make of all of this worthwhile 🙂

In the new year ASL is going to be evolving into something more than just a blog. Ideally what I am looking to create is an online resource and community around online audio tools which benefits musicians, producers and developers alike.

Here’s what I’m planning to roll out over the next few months…

Redesign – I’ll be moving to the hosted WordPress solution soon and as part of this will be putting a new aesthetic in place. A fairly large hint at what this will look like is in the above pic!

Online communityIts time to get you people talking to each other! I’ve already started a Linkedin group for developers but next year I’ll be setting up a community for everyone interested in online audio tools and music services, be they developers, musicians, DJ’s or producers. Please let me know what features would benefit you best here – this is going to be your community and I need you to help me build it!

Reader Content – Aside from showcasing readers tracks on a more regular basis, I’d like to get more video on the site. I’m certainly interested on showcasing product videos from developers as well as any relevant ones from readers in general.

Advertising – Since it really is starting to look like 2011 is the year online music production breaks into the mainstream I think its time I started including a few subtle ads to help guide people to the various solutions out there. In addition to these products I’m open to featuring ads for other emerging music tech such as mobile apps as well since I think these tools also interest ASL’s general audience. I’m also interested in  running competitions in collaboration with vendors/developers since I feel that this is a great way to get people to start working with new platforms and source ideas and content.

Artist features/interviews – I’ve already stumbled across a few producers using online DAW’s and sequencers to make tracks and in the future am going to start showcasing their work. Anyone who wants to be part of this please do get in touch and feel free to drop me a track over – I do listen to them all!

Developer features – As you probably know I already run “Introducing” posts on new and exciting products and services in this space. I’d like the new site to feature a similar thing for those of you developing in Flash, HTML5 and Silverlight. If possible I’d like to embed some examples of their work in the site as well.

Things are already well underway with all of this and, if everything goes according to plan you’ll see the site start to change over the next couple of weeks – apologies in advance for any downtime there may be since sometimes these things don’t always go as smoothly as you’d hope!

Thanks for all your kind words so far – and here’s to the future!

Edward James Bass

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