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Seems like SoundCloud is so widespread these days that its getting hard to imagine a time when it never existed.  Ian Hooper from their Business Development team was kind enough to answer some questions I had about their music sharing platform and the benefits it offers musicians, producers and developers…

How did SoundCloud get started?

It was back in the summer of 2007 when the two founders, Alex and Eric, started working full-time on their new project here in Berlin. They both come from music backgrounds and found it surprisingly difficult for audio creators to share tracks with fans and collaborators — so they set out to solve that problem. In the same way that they’d be using Flickr for photos, and Vimeo for videos, they sought to create that platform for music.

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I was recently introduced to the new cloud based DAW Audio Orchard by its creator Eric Herbrandson and was instantly impressed by its interface, recording functionality and stability. Eric agreed to answer some questions of mine about it and has provided some very interesting and engaging answers….

1. What inspired you to start working on Audio Orchard?

AudioOrchard really started as an idea when the major browser plug-ins (i.e. Flash, Silverlight, Java FX) started adding low level audio support. The first question was “were these plug-ins powerful enough to run a DAW in the browser?” So we did a little experimenting and realized it was very possible. After that, the question became “who cares?” The fact that it was technically possible to run a recording studio in the browser might be interesting from a technical standpoint (at least if you’re a geek like us anyways), but why would a typical musician opt for an online tool over the existing (and very powerful) tools already out there today? In thinking about that question, we started talking about the “web 2.0” movement from a few years back, which to us was really about sites that connected people. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Docs are all about harnessing the power of these new fangled inter-webs to  enable people to connect and interact in new ways. Ways that just weren’t possible in the past. At this point we got pretty excited because we really thought we were on to something. We could take the social aspect of Facebook that we’ve all come to love and mash it into the heart of the recording process. We felt we could create something that would be a really exciting and unique experience for musicians.

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Ohm Force interview Engel Hassan,  one time employee of  “virtual studio” trailblazers Rocket Networks about his experiences of working on their collaboration tools and the pitfalls similar solutions face –

I recently stumbled across Soundation after learning it was one of the most rapidly evolving cloud based recording apps available and was suitably impressed enough to send its developers – leading loop and samples producers PowerFX – an email about the product and how they were looking to develop it in the future.

Following a very open and friendly email debate about the merits of their new tool their CEO Bil Bryant agreed to answer some questions about Soundation and his perspective on the future of cloud based recording. I think his answers offer a fascinating insight into the thinking behind what I believe will become a major player in the online music production space –

1.What inspired you to create Soundation and how close are you to achieving the tool you originally planned?

After licensing loops and samples to all the major music making applications like GarageBand, Logic, Sonar, Acid, Live, Reason and Cubase, it has been a dream to have our own software. We have been looking at online music making applications for a few years, but it has only been with latest version of Flash that things became realistically possible.

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