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For those of you looking for an easy to use means of collaborating on tracks online then Virtual Recording Studio may well be the answer.

This online platform allows you to work on tracks both publically and via private invite – essentially via uploading individual tracks and leaving text comments, images and videos for your fellow collaborators. VRS also has a “song shop” within the platform to allow you to present your partially finished (or barely started!) tracks to potential collaborators via an embedded player.

The team developing VRS have also been thinking ahead and have started developing API’s to allow the platform to connect with Digital Audio Workstations – and though the developers of these (with the exception of Presonus) have been slow to react to this new trend of online collaboration so far I personally expect this to change over the next year or so.

You can find Virtual Recording Studio here


Great to see yet another player in the online music collaboration space –  Thounds  – which describes itself as “a home for your musical thoughts” allows you to quickly and easily record your ideas via PC/Mac or iOS app and  share/collaborate with others. You can also connect your Thounds account to SoundCloud

In addition to this, having realised that no such thing already exists, they have recently introduced a Facebook app called “YUIO”   – a simple sequencer and sampler, which allows you to record short sounds (or just use the default beats) to create boom box tunes to share.

Thounds is currently in beta – and you can try it out here

Noteflight is an online music writing application that lets you create, view, print and hear music notation with professional quality, right in your web browser. It also lets you export your creations to MIDI files to use in a standard DAW or sequencer, or import them if you are looking to edit existing parts online.

The product is free for non-commercial use but a subscription service called “Crescendo” which offers additional instruments and a Guitar/Bass tab editor is also available.

I can see this service being used a great deal for education, especially teaching music theory and performance via the web. It also could be a great way of collaborating on  complex musical parts – for instance with potential string, brass or woodwind players who you may be looking to record with.

You can find it at


I came across this one last night and have to say I love it. Audioboo are a London based company that have developedwhat they describe as “a mobile & web platform that effortlessly allows you to record and upload audio”.

Essentially this is a PC, iPhone and very soon Android tool that allows you to tag your recorded audio and accompanying image to a specific location. In addition to this there is a comments field available for others to leave their thoughts and full integration with a range of other social media platforms.

The basic service is free and appears to have already attracted a few celebrity users, including the ever tech-savvy Mr Stephen Fry. Why not try it out yourself and let me know of any interesting “boos” you create?

Sometimes I come across technologies here at ASL that cannot fail to impress and Myna Music from Philadelphia based Orpheus Media Research is most certainly one of these.

Essentially Myna is a cloud based solution that allows you to search for new music by using music itself rather than metadata and keywords, both of which – due to that fact that sometimes its difficult to put musical experience and character into simple words -can be massively restrictive.

Dr. Greg Wilder, founder and Chief Science Officer of OMR, developed the international patent-pending technology. “The advancements we’ve achieved with Myna are the result of years of music theory and cognition research,” said Dr. Wilder. “Before Myna, music match and discovery solutions relied on words manually generated by people in an attempt to describe a piece of music’s character. Music expresses emotions that can’t adequately be described with words, and now, for the first time, Myna allows the music to speak for itself.”

I can see this technology being a massive hit with a whole range of organisations, not to mention audiences in general since it will allow you to easily shape playlists by mood rather than standard tags such as genre.

With regards to  producers, especially those who work with loop based or sample based music I think that that Myna could bring some serious benefits when it comes to identifying the “right” part for your track.

Early days of course but as ever, the future is bright…more information can be found here

Just discovered this one and very impressed – its an Adobe Air based app that allows you to easily upload your tracks to SoundCloud via drag and drop. It also allows you to assign an image to the track(s) you are uploading.

You can download Scup for free from and if you are a habitual SoundClould user I’d do that right now!

The streaming of live sets has always been something of a chore for those of us not familiar with the technology behind it but thankfully a new online service has emerged which will make it easy for just about anyone.

mixlr allows you to stream directly from your computer using a simple client  (Mac at present – Windows coming soon) and share your live or recorded mix via social media tools.

A recent update lets you use the client with all Multi-Channel devices  – allowing streaming from almost any hardware setup or club sound system as well as opening up easy broadcasting from tools like Traktor Scratch, Serato and Final Scratch. 

You can request an invitation to try it out at

When someone gets described as “the music industries Mark Zukerberg” its difficult to not have your interest just a little bit piqued. Well that’s whats been said about Aidan Nulman, the man behind new online collaboration tool YouPhonics following a presentation recently – I guess time will have to tell.

Putting comparisons to internet entrepreneurs aside for a moment – YouPhonics offers a new take on online collaboration by allowing you to attach tracks or “stems” together using a visual interface. Once a track is imported or recorded within the tool itself you can share it with other users or via social networks.

Although still quite light on features the current alpha version is certainly worth a look – especially since Aidan and the team seem very receptive to suggestions for their new product – he has even provided Audio Silver Lining readers with their own code to allow them to try it out.

So why not head over to and register using the invite code “YOURSILVERLINING” right away?

Looks like there is a new player in town – Audio Orchard.

Boasting  a slick and well laid out interface this new online DAW is looking like its set to become a major player in the world of cloud based recording. It currently runs on Microsoft’s Siverlight platform and offers a very stable means of recording, a drum machine with a wide range of drum hits available and the ability to import loops – including your own. Also on offer is the means of promotion via social media and sharing with potential collaborators – as we have come to expect from our online DAW’s

Audio Orchard is still in beta and is due to have additional features such as FX and audio editing added in the near future. In the meantime you can find it, and I recommend you do, at

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