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As of December 2010 Audio Silver Lining can be found at

This site will remain live for the articles hosted here but the new one looks at lot nicer so why not check it out…

Many thanks!

Edward James Bass

Hey there,

First of all I’d like to say a big thanks to all the developers, music tech companies, producers and general supporters that have contacted me with your support for Audio Silver Lining in the past six months – you make of all of this worthwhile ūüôā

In the new year ASL is going to be evolving into something more than just a blog. Ideally what I am looking to create is an online resource and community around online audio tools which benefits musicians, producers and developers alike.

Here’s what I’m planning to roll out over the next few months…

Redesign – I’ll be moving to the hosted WordPress solution soon and as part of this will be putting a new aesthetic in place. A fairly large hint at what this will look like is in the above pic!

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First of all I’d like to say a big thanks to all the readers of ASL for making last month the busiest so far – you make it all worthwhile!

I’ve got some big news coming up a bit later in the month but in the meantime if you’ve not done so already please take¬†a look at the Twitter news site I’ve set up – Digital Music Daily¬†and, if you’re interested in sharing your thoughts¬†around online audio tools with others¬†then join the Linkedin group¬†covering Online Music & Audio Production tools

Here’s a quick round up of what’s been covered this past month…


Making Music: Aviary’s online music tools РRoc Р

Developer Focus: Jordan’s Things –

Introducing: Virtual Recording Studio –


AudioOrchard is now Scratch Audio –

Its the…Hexcylindrical arpeggiator! –¬†

SoundCloud now connected to over 100 apps –

ReBirth reborn on Audiotool –

Superb article covering the use of Flash, HTML5 & Silverlight for audio solutions…

Mixlr adds downloads & email reminders –

Music Hackday at MIDEM announced –

I’ve set up a Linkedin group for any readers who use Linkedin and want to discuss stuff.

In order to access it you need to log in to your Linkedin profile and then go here


As you’d probably expect, I’m what you’d call a fairly avid reader of all things to do with Digital Music and how its evolving so, in order to allow myself and others an easy means of digesting all that’s going on in this area on a daily basis I’ve created Digital Music Daily – which takes content from some of the best blogs that report on this area and feeds it into a web based newspaper format.

If you’ve a blog you want included in the paper then let me know – I’m looking at building something really useful here!

Here’s a quick round up of what’s been covered this month in the world of online audio tools – enjoy!


Mobile Platforms & Music Production feature

Introducing: Audioboo

Introducing: Noteflight

Introducing: Thounds –¬†

Seaquence – Synthesis meets Biology –


Music Hack Day Barcelona

Soundation now has recording ability

Soundation Promo Video

Richie Hawtin Unveils Burn Studios Audiotool online production platform

Audiotool add “Machiniste” Drum Sampler

Also – check out the first ever Audio Silver Lining Mixlr broadcast featuring a live acoustic set from David V. Murphy here

silver lining.jpg

I’m proud to announce that the first ASL live Mixlr broadcast will be happening next Sunday (24th Oct) at 3pm GMT.This first session will be an acoustic set from the superb Manchester based singer/songwriter David V. Murphy whose¬†dulcit tones and finely crafted songs bring the likes of Nick Cave, Scott Walker and the mighty Johnny Cash to mind.

You can listen to the broadcast via the link below and if you miss it a recording will also be saved there too.

What an interesting month that was – from some superb mashups at Music Hack Day to further exciting announcements from the likes of Ohm Studio, Soundation and the soon to be renamed AudioOrchard.

Here’s a round up for you..


Music Hack Day, London 2010:

Social Media & Musicians – The Way Forward:

Introducing – Myna Music:


AudioOrchard РNew version now live:

Soundation now has 5,000 loops Premium Library:

Mixlr to include Windows in next release :

Ohm Studio Рnew feature videos:

SoundCloud & Tunecore offer digital distribution service:

Indaba to offer CD production services:

In October I’ll be taking a look at Mobile Platforms and what they offer, and will offer in the future in terms of music production as well as the usual news and features. Stay tuned!

Hello again all, here’s a run down of this months features…

Online collaboration tools feature

SoundCloud interview

Soundation review

AudioOrchard interview

Introducing: Scup

Audiotool new features

A round up of news stories can also be found here

Next month I will have coverage of the forthcoming Music Hack Day event in London and further news, interviews and features covering online and collaborative music production.

Keep making those fine, fine sounds people….


Hello again…

The more attentive among you may have noticed that I posted up the best of the tracks sent in from¬†readers last month and as you might have guessed I’m doing it again in August.

So once I again – please submit your tracks to the¬†Soundcloud dropbox¬†and if they are suitably awesome I’ll post them up at the end of the month.



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