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Looks like MIDEM the annual music industry trade fair, based as ever in Cannes this year, will be featuring its own Music Hack Day on January 23rd 2011.

I expect that we’ll see some fantastic innovations here due to the fact that it is taking place at an event that to attracts some of the leading minds in online and digital music.

Full details on the MIDEM blog here


Mixlr, the web based service that allows you to stream live sets just keeps getting better and better.

Following their recent beta test of a Windows app they have now added the option to download your sets to Mp3 once broadcast as well as email reminders for your fans (and yourself if you are somewhat forgetful) when your scheduled set is about to start.

More coverage on these exciting developments here

Since I’ve had a fair few developers get in touch recently regarding their online audio projects I’ve decided its time to start showcasing the fine work these people are doing in the name of progress, innovation and well…just plain fun really.

Jordans audio waveform generator / player

First up is Jordan Kolasinski, an LA based Flash developer and music producer who has produced some superb web based audio projects which range from the clever to the just plain silly.

On Jordan’s blog you will find some examples of  innovation with Flash and online audio including audio waveform generator/player which allows you to upload an audio file and generate a playable waveform.

Also on show is a “Freestyler Pad” which allows you to add real vocals over beats in real time and an audio recorder which allows export to Mp3.

Yes, you too can remix the words of Sarah Palin...

Best of all though and although a couple of years old still very relevant today is the superb “PALINdrome” which allows you to take word and phrase samples from Sarah Palin’s speeches and re-arranged these into (inevitably hilarious) rants of your own.  Jordan’s promising to bring back an improved version in the event she runs in 2012 too!


If you are a developer of online audio solutions or music services and want me to showcase your work then please get in touch as I’m always on the lookout for this kind of stuff.

Looks like the guys over at Audiotool have launched their first remix competition and are giving users the chance to play around with the track “Afterglow” by Beat Canteen and win a release on their forthcoming EP.

You can find out more here

Eric from Scratch Audio has written a superb piece on their blog that covers the pro’s and cons of HTML 5, Flash and Silverlight as platforms for the development of audio production tools. Its an incredibly well informed and even handed article and I’d recommend it to anyone developing this kind of solution.

You can find it here

With the release this week of Propellerhead’s classic recreation of Roland’s early drum machines and Groovebox for the iPad it seems that some clever soul has chosen to ride the zeitgeist and create a replica of it within the superb online sequencer Audiotool.

Audiotool already contains the Roland 808, 909 and 303 needed – not to mention a lot more besides but even so its amusing that someone has seen fit to do this and great that you can instantly jump in and start kicking out some serious Acid House 🙂

You can try it out here

For those of you looking for an easy to use means of collaborating on tracks online then Virtual Recording Studio may well be the answer.

This online platform allows you to work on tracks both publically and via private invite – essentially via uploading individual tracks and leaving text comments, images and videos for your fellow collaborators. VRS also has a “song shop” within the platform to allow you to present your partially finished (or barely started!) tracks to potential collaborators via an embedded player.

The team developing VRS have also been thinking ahead and have started developing API’s to allow the platform to connect with Digital Audio Workstations – and though the developers of these (with the exception of Presonus) have been slow to react to this new trend of online collaboration so far I personally expect this to change over the next year or so.

You can find Virtual Recording Studio here


Looks like Berlin based music sharing and collaboration platform SoundCloud has reason to celebrate – they are now partnered with over 100 applications.

More on their blog here

Well done guys!

No...I'm not entirely sure either.

Just stumbled across this one during the course of some late night browsing – its from a Japanese Flash development site and is essentially basic editable synth with a bizzare hexagon visual accompaniment. Although it plays a pre-set (and actually a bit annoying) tune you can edit the parameters to your hearts desire whilst watching those crazy hexagons dance…its certainly an experience.

You can try it out here and, if you do come across anything else like this or you are a developer who is working on online synths/drum machines and the like – please do get in touch and let me know!

Following an unfortunate cease and desist order from another company who felt their trademark threatened, online DAW developers AudioOrchard have now renamed themselves Scratch Audio.

In addition to this they have also added a couple of new features:

1. Open any song on the site (from any user), make changes, and save your new version as a “remix” (doesn’t affect the original users version)

2. After publishing a song, if you share it on Facebook, your Facebook stream will have an actual player (instead of just a link to the song) so your friends can listen to the song directly from within Facebook.

I interviewed Eric Herbranson from the company a while back and discussed the ever evolving Silverlight based platform and their plans for the future. If you’ve not tried it out already I’d definitely recommend trying out Scratch Audio here.

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