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Looks like the guys over at Audiotool have launched their first remix competition and are giving users the chance to play around with the track “Afterglow” by Beat Canteen and win a release on their forthcoming EP.

You can find out more here

With the release this week of Propellerhead’s classic recreation of Roland’s early drum machines and Groovebox for the iPad it seems that some clever soul has chosen to ride the zeitgeist and create a replica of it within the superb online sequencer Audiotool.

Audiotool already contains the Roland 808, 909 and 303 needed – not to mention a lot more besides but even so its amusing that someone has seen fit to do this and great that you can instantly jump in and start kicking out some serious Acid House ūüôā

You can try it out here


Looks like everyones favorite online electronic music production tool now has a new addition – the “Machiniste” Drum sampler allows you to create drum parts from a set of¬†provided one shot hits and furthermore modulate their pitch and filter. As with other modules available within this superb online tool it also offers individual outs to allow you to¬†route to external FX such as Delay, Reverb and Distortion.

Expect more new features to be added to the platform soon, especially since they have recently joined forces with Burn Studios to develop it further and have even brought in the likes of Richie Hawtin and Cassius to promote it.

Audiotool is free to use and can be found here


You know cloud based music production is getting serious when the likes of Richie Hawtin get behind it. The renowned DJ and music tech innovator unveiled Burn Studios new web based music production platform at ADE this year alongside Andre Michelle, who developed the superb flash based Audiotool web app that its based on.

Aside from bringing further development such as MIDI support and sample uploads to the Audiotool, Burn Studios  have already proven themselves to be on the pulse of electronic music through their work with existing artists such as Cassius and Uffie Рthe latter of which they are currently running a remix competition with. 

I think its likely their sound knowledge of electronic music scenes, coupled with a versatile and engaging platform like Audiotool means Burn Studios will see great success, especially since they have put a desire to introduce newcomers to music production at the heart of their plans.

The platform is due to be beta tested later this year with a planned release to the public early 2011 and as you’d expect I’ll be covering it as it evolves. You can read more about the platform on the Burn Studios site here

You’ll be pleased to know that the Audiotool update announced last week is now live. I had a quick play around with the new features and devices included and here are my impressions…


Up until now using samples within Audiotool involved a head scratching process that required creating a device and then dragging a sample into it. Thankfully this has now been replaced with a more intuitive means of adding samples Рyou just simply drag them to the desktop and said device is now created for you. Very handy.


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I have to hand it to those people over at Audiotool Рthey certainly know how to keep you excited about their product.  Following their update two weeks ago they are planning to add some superb sounding new features very soon.

Here’s whats on its way…

New Features

  • Drag samples directly from the library to the desktop
  • New plugin Crossfader
  • New plugin Rasselbock

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Last week Audiotool released the latest version of their superb online sequencer to their eager fans. This brief and concise video guide above talks you through some of the new features.

If you’ve not tried it yet and/or need some guidance then I’d suggest visiting their You Tube channel and taking a look at the other video guides on offer.

…and as promised you can now export tracks to Mp3 and Vorbis, embed track widgets and use images for your track. They have also introduced templates so you can start with your desired setup. Oh and they have a product wiki now too!

I’d seriously recommend getting over to and checking it out – an already superb online sequencer just got awesome….

Good news –¬†the splendid online sequencer Audiotool¬†is getting updated on Thursday 15th July.

Here’s whats coming…

New Features

  • Download your tracks as MP3/Vorbis(HQ)
  • Embed Player
  • Create Drafts (even when remixing other peoples tracks)
  • Create Templates (to get started with your favorite setup)
  • Create a cover for your track (upload image or webcam snapshot)


  • Cleaner website design
  • Lots of performance enhancements
  • Documentation

The ability to now share your tracks beyond the Audiotool site via embedded players and MP3/Vorbis is going to make a good many people in the Audiotool community very happy as they have been clamouring for it for some time now.

For those getting to grips with Hobnox’s superb Audiotool online sequencer (review) you can find a set of useful guides to its plethora of devices and FX on their YouTube channel here

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