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Those of you familiar with Aviary will know that in recent years they have made it their mission to make creativity tools more accessible by offering their own free to use online solutions.

Although better known for their visual editing tools they also now have an sequencer and audio editor called (in their tradition of naming their products after our feathered friends) Roc and Myna respectively, and its the first of these solutions I’ll be taking a look at in this article.

roc 1.jpg


Roc is essentially a basic and easy to use sample based sequencer which allows you to build patterns from provided sample sets or either record or import your own. As you can see from the screenshot simplicity is key here – although I have to admit it took a little bit of exploring to get a grasp of how to access some of the available features.

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Everybody’s favorite creators of cloud based design tools, Aviary have recently updated their online audio editor Myna to allow users to import loops created using their Roc Music Creator tool.

They have also enabled users to connect their accounts to Soundcloud so they can easily share their creations online. More details here

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