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The new version of US based online music collaboration site and community Indaba went live today with some exciting new features – not least the new ability to sell your tracks via I-tunes.

Also on offer is a online chat system to help collaborators communicate more fluidly,  improved online session tools and a set of features to help music tutors who may be looking to use the service to reach out to their students.

All of this, and more can be found over at

Looks like Indaba Music are getting ready to grace us with the latest version of their online music website and community. They released a sneak preview yesterday which listed new user and community features including improved chat, statistics and an updated media library.

I covered their Mantis online DAW early in the month and will be looking at their community and collaboration features in more depth once this latest version is available.

More details can be found here 

[UPDATE] – Looks like Indaba are going to update the page over the course of the week so worth visiting back to see what else gets announced!

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