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Mixlr – the  web streaming platform that allows you to easily share your sets and performances with audiences online is now open to everybody. If you’ve not tried it yet I’d suggest signing up for the free 15 day trial here

The platform offers the following features to those looking to stream their performances to the world:  

– Broadcast live to the world in seconds from your microphone, decks, mixing desk or favourite software on Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX.

– Share your broadcasts with friends, fans and colleagues. Listeners can tune in via the web, iPhone, iPad and mobile devices.

– Save and publish your broadcasts on your Showreel for everybody to listen back to later. Or if you prefer, archive them privately using our great value Simple Storage.

– Schedule and promote your upcoming broadcasts.

– Subscribe to other users to receive instant updates when they start broadcasting.

I’ve been that impressed with it that I’ve recently streamed a set from the superb singer songwriter David V. Murphy (and have more performance planned in the future) – you can find that here


Mixlr, the web based service that allows you to stream live sets just keeps getting better and better.

Following their recent beta test of a Windows app they have now added the option to download your sets to Mp3 once broadcast as well as email reminders for your fans (and yourself if you are somewhat forgetful) when your scheduled set is about to start.

More coverage on these exciting developments here

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I’m proud to announce that the first ASL live Mixlr broadcast will be happening next Sunday (24th Oct) at 3pm GMT.This first session will be an acoustic set from the superb Manchester based singer/songwriter David V. Murphy whose dulcit tones and finely crafted songs bring the likes of Nick Cave, Scott Walker and the mighty Johnny Cash to mind.

You can listen to the broadcast via the link below and if you miss it a recording will also be saved there too.

Online streaming service Mixlr have announced that they will be offering an app for Windows platforms as part of their next release.

The service, which has already proved to be very popular with Mac users, are also looking for beta testers so if you have music you want to share with the masses online then why not sign up?

More details here

The live internet broadcasting service Mixlr has announced today that they are introducing a scheduling service which allows you to alert your listeners in advance of your set. In addition to this is the inspired “excuses” feature where, should you wish to cancel you can provide a reason for doing so to your loyal fans. Shame someone can’t somehow roll this feature out for real live sets.

Mixlr is still invitation only but if you are interested head over to to request one.

The streaming of live sets has always been something of a chore for those of us not familiar with the technology behind it but thankfully a new online service has emerged which will make it easy for just about anyone.

mixlr allows you to stream directly from your computer using a simple client  (Mac at present – Windows coming soon) and share your live or recorded mix via social media tools.

A recent update lets you use the client with all Multi-Channel devices  – allowing streaming from almost any hardware setup or club sound system as well as opening up easy broadcasting from tools like Traktor Scratch, Serato and Final Scratch. 

You can request an invitation to try it out at

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