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In an e-mail sent out yesterday Ohm Force announced that, following a succesful Alpha test their forthcoming collaborative DAW – Ohm Studio will be ready for Beta test in January.

I covered Ohm Studio and some of the possible features that may be included in this article a couple of months ago.


Few things have ignited interest from the music technology community in recent times like Ohm Studio – the upcoming collaborative DAW being developed by Paris based company Ohm Force.

This innovative new music production tool, which is due to go beta later in the year is described by its creators as “a standalone real-time collaborative music making application in addition to a web based collaboration platform and a music driven online cohmunity”. In real terms it will allow musicians and producers to seamlessly work together using audio and MIDI – it also appears to be cross platform and will allow Mac and PC users to collaborate together as well.

I’ve scoured various sources for a round up of the features that Ohm Force have been confirmed or strongly hinted at and also listed some features I’d personally like to see Ohm Studio include. Read More »

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