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For those of you looking for an easy to use means of collaborating on tracks online then Virtual Recording Studio may well be the answer.

This online platform allows you to work on tracks both publically and via private invite – essentially via uploading individual tracks and leaving text comments, images and videos for your fellow collaborators. VRS also has a “song shop” within the platform to allow you to present your partially finished (or barely started!) tracks to potential collaborators via an embedded player.

The team developing VRS have also been thinking ahead and have started developing API’s to allow the platform to connect with Digital Audio Workstations – and though the developers of these (with the exception of Presonus) have been slow to react to this new trend of online collaboration so far I personally expect this to change over the next year or so.

You can find Virtual Recording Studio here


Looks like Berlin based music sharing and collaboration platform SoundCloud has reason to celebrate – they are now partnered with over 100 applications.

More on their blog here

Well done guys!

Great to see yet another player in the online music collaboration space –  Thounds  – which describes itself as “a home for your musical thoughts” allows you to quickly and easily record your ideas via PC/Mac or iOS app and  share/collaborate with others. You can also connect your Thounds account to SoundCloud

In addition to this, having realised that no such thing already exists, they have recently introduced a Facebook app called “YUIO”   – a simple sequencer and sampler, which allows you to record short sounds (or just use the default beats) to create boom box tunes to share.

Thounds is currently in beta – and you can try it out here

SoundCloud have recently made some improvements to their popular audio sharing and collaboration platform and have usefully presented these in three “acts”  on their blog

To summarise – what has been added is a new dashboard to give improved control over your connections and notifications, improved encoding and uploading functions and the introduction of a sharing note for your uploaded tracks.

These tweaks are welcome adjustments to an already superb service that’s picked up well over a million users in recent years.

I’ve seen a fair few posts on web forums recently discussing online collaboration and the best methods currently available to music producers, so I thought it might be worthwhile sharing some of the experiences and knowledge I’ve picked up over the past few months regarding this subject.
Whilst direct DAW to DAW collaboration is still something in the pipeline, hopefully the first true example being Ohm Force’s forthcoming Ohm Studio solution  there are still a couple of tools and services available that allow easy collaboration via the web.

All of the below are free tools, although they do offer additional features such as increased storage space and promotional tools through paid subscription packages –


Apart from being one of the most useful tools I’ve come across for general computing in the past year or so, Dropbox is also a relatively easy and direct means of sharing DAW project files, WAV files and any other data relevant to your music production and composition. Read More »

The new version of US based online music collaboration site and community Indaba went live today with some exciting new features – not least the new ability to sell your tracks via I-tunes.

Also on offer is a online chat system to help collaborators communicate more fluidly,  improved online session tools and a set of features to help music tutors who may be looking to use the service to reach out to their students.

All of this, and more can be found over at

When someone gets described as “the music industries Mark Zukerberg” its difficult to not have your interest just a little bit piqued. Well that’s whats been said about Aidan Nulman, the man behind new online collaboration tool YouPhonics following a presentation recently – I guess time will have to tell.

Putting comparisons to internet entrepreneurs aside for a moment – YouPhonics offers a new take on online collaboration by allowing you to attach tracks or “stems” together using a visual interface. Once a track is imported or recorded within the tool itself you can share it with other users or via social networks.

Although still quite light on features the current alpha version is certainly worth a look – especially since Aidan and the team seem very receptive to suggestions for their new product – he has even provided Audio Silver Lining readers with their own code to allow them to try it out.

So why not head over to and register using the invite code “YOURSILVERLINING” right away?

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